How We Help Sellers 

1. Prepare a professional evaluation of your business to determine its fair market price.

2. Prepare a confidential business review on your business including the condition of the market,

projected growth, sales potential and the sale of similar businesses within your industry.

3. Generate a business profile that represents your company in the most attractive way possible.

4. Prepare a listing agreement and marketing plan.

5. Directly market your business through a large number of networks and venues.

6. Present you with all offers from qualified buyers; and handle the negotiations when an offer to purchase is made.

7. Provide exceptional support to you through the due diligence  period

8. Monitor the transaction through financing and final closing including all administrative procedures, licenses, inventory counts and lease assignments that may be required.

9. Work closely with your advisors to ensure a smooth transition. We strive to be ready to work on your behalf to get the deal done.

10. Provide you with any assistance you may require after the closing. Stress the need for confidentiality throughout all the process to protect all parties.

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