How We Help Buyers

1. Discuss your business interest, including your preference and location.

2. Begin our process by gathering detailed information about you to establish your financial capabilities and your ability to make a business acquisition.

3. Search market resources to find the business that can meet your expectations.

4. Provide alternative opportunities available to you.

5. Introductions, as required, to our network of bank and non-bank lenders.

6. Help you to draft a contingent offer on a business that you would like to buy. A purchase and sale agreement will be presented to the seller with a deposit of good faith held in escrow to demonstrate your seriousness.

7. Coordinate the efforts of your legal and accounting professionals and strive to satisfy all contingencies within the due diligence period. If there is financing involved your application must be approved by the lender.

8. Help in the closing process. Final preparations will be made for lease assignments, utility transfers, financing, merchant service accounts, inventory counts and any other last minute preparations to make the transfer as seamless as possible. Your acquisition will usually be completed by an attorney with the signing of several documents and the payment of the balance of the purchase price.

9. Help in the post-closing process by ensuring that transitional training by the seller in accordance with the terms of the purchase agreement.

10. Stress the need for confidentiality throughout all the process to protect all parties.

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