Expert Witness Services
Dr. M.H. Hassan, PhD, PE, SM-IEEE

We offer Engineering Expert Witness services including Patent Infringement, Patent Damages, Patents, Forensic Engineering, Safety, Safety Engineering, Codes and Compliance, Electrical Accidents,  Electrical Burns, Electrical Codes, Engineering Investigation, Accident Investigation, Failure Analysis, Computer Crimes, Computer Forensics, Digital Evidence,  Educational Consultants, Electrical Accidents,  Electrical Fire, Electrocution, , Electronic Evidence, Microwave Accidents, Fire Origin and Cause, Fire Prevention, Fire Safety, Fire, Fire Code, Fire Investigation, Electronic Crimes, Electronic Discovery. For free consultation, call us at 407-780-5585 or email us at

Profile: Dr. Hassan has over 25 years of experience as a professor and consulting engineer specializing in the field of Electrical Engineering with specific knowledge and expertise in the areas of:  Systems Engineering, Electrical Systems, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Microprocessors, Microelectronics, Analog Integrated Circuits, Digital Integrated Circuits, Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits, Programmable Chips, Analog Communication Systems, Digital Communication Systems, Communication Networks, Telecommunications, Optics, Fiber Optics, Optical Electronics, Optical Communications, Optical Sensors, Embedded Systems, Signal Processing, Analog Control Systems, Digital Control Systems, PLCs, Computer Vision, Digital Image Processing, Imaging, Document Imaging, Automotive Electronics, AI, Expert Systems, Decision Theories, Decision Under Uncertainty,  Analog Circuits, Automation, Batteries, Circuits, Communication, Computer, Control Engineering, Control Systems, Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Systems, Electric Devices, Electromechanical Devices, Electronics, Embedded Systems, Engineering, Engineering Education & Training, Engineering Electrical, Engineering Electronics, Engineering Consulting Services, Integrated Circuits, Intellectual Property, Internet & Technology, Laser Systems, Microprocessors, Microcomputers, Microwave, Noise Pollution, Alternative Energy, Power Plants, System Analysis, System Design, Technology, Wireless Systems. He published peer-reviewed papers and books on such topics as Computer Engineering, Computer Vision, Digital Image Processing, Automated Vehicles, Communication Systems, Electronics, Optics, and Integrated Circuits. He was also granted three US patents related to Electric Vehicles, Wireless Communications, Optical Switches, and Alternative Energy Plants. Dr. Hassan was awarded the IEEE Best Educator award and served as Vice Chair of IEEE SEM Section, and as the Chair of the Consultants’ Network of the IEEE Orlando Section. He is a licensed professional engineer, a senior member of IEEE, a member of Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, and Sigma Xi, a member of the Inventors Council of Central Florida, and a former member of SPIE and ACM.

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